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Rust Removal

I often get questions on how to clean rust on concrete battery stains or how to remove rust on pavers and the truth is, dirty or stained exterior surfaces often require restoration techniques and/or products that only professionals provide. Rust stain removal is a great example of this as the stains are not only unsightly, but extremely difficult to remove. Fertilizer stains and battery acid stains are two examples of this but we also deal with rust stains caused by A/C drain pipes leaking onto exterior surfaces along with many others.

Exceptional Exteriors is an F9BARC professional applicator and as such, uses F9 restoration products exclusively for rust stain removal and other exterior surface restorations on porous, semi porous and non- porous substrates. We’ve got you covered on everything from sealed concrete and painted metal to stucco and vinyl so call or text us today for a free, no obligation quote.

rust stain removal front9restoration

Here we've used F9 efflorescence to remove this stain.

stain removal before


stain removal after