Frequently Questions and Answers:

No, we don't use pressure washers to clean your roof. Our soft wash method utilizes a dedicated pump with a low pressure applicator equal to or less pressure than a standard garden hose. As you know, the higher the pressure the better chance of damage to your roof and we'll back that up by putting our hand in front of the tip while spraying to demonstrate the low pressure.

Yes, we use a mixture of water, sodium hypochlorite and surfactant to clean the black stains and leave your roof looking new again. Many of our customers ask this same question so you're not alone and we'll also note that this method is the only one recommended by ARMA, (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association). We do take precautionary measures to protect your plants by soaking the root system before application starts and watering down all landscaping throughout the process. Your pet's safety is also important to us so we ask that all residents and pets stay indoors while we're cleaning.

Our top priority during the time we're cleaning is to protect your property, pets and plants. Before we start cleaning we'll soak the entire root system and continue to rinse throughout the process until the job is complete. We'll also cover the perennials and annuals if needed as an additional precaution. We do ask that all pets and residents stay indoors until we finish and have all equipment out of the way. If your pet needs access to the back yard, then we'll complete that area first and let you know once we've moved to another area as to not inconvenience you or your pets.

Yes, we are available to work Monday through Sunday as well as after hours. We have commercial clients that need their locations completed before they open the following day so we'll typically do those jobs during the time in between closing the previous day and opening the following. In other words, we'll always accommodate your schedule no matter what day or time you need us.

Our soft washing equipment has the capability to spray up to 40' so we'll typically stand on the ground or on a ladder at the first story gutter level to clean, but in some cases with low pitch roofs we will walk on the roof, (we always use life lines and harnesses when doing this). In some cases, for extremely high peaks or large homes we'll utilize a boom lift to safely treat the areas that can't be reached from the ground or ladder.

Yes, we carry a General Liability policy in the amount of $1,000,000.00.

Yes, we attend yearly training/seminars to make sure we're up to date on the latest cleaning methods and equipment technology. We also hold memberships in or are involved with the following:

  1. UAMCC – United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners
  2. RCIA – Roof Cleaning Institute of America
  3. The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce
  4. PGR – Patriot Guard Riders

Unfortunately algae and mold are airborne so over time, (typically 3 – 5 years), the stains will reappear. Most customers average 1 cleaning every 5 years at a cost of less than 10% of premature roof replacement.

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The difference between power washing and pressure washing: